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Navigating Cannabis Events


West coast herbalists are (probably) not strangers to cannabis events but, there are probably a handful or herbalists on the east coast that are familiar with events geared towards marijuana. In the lands of legal ganja, events such as trade shows, seminars, flea markets, workshops and more are regular occurrences like a county fair would be to states where marijuana is still illegal. There are many different aspects to cannabis events; some that you may not have considered. We’ll list a few:


If you bought a ticket to a cannabis event that is outdoors, chances are that you will be able to smoke there, too. Key word being outdoors. Seminars and workshops that take place in convention centers, hotels, etc. will not allow smoking regardless of the fact that marijuana will be a part of the discussion while inside. But, for trade shows, flea markets, parades and other types of outdoor cannabis gatherings, you can almost guarantee that if you’re looking for the event location, all you have to do is follow the smell of ganja or head towards that big cloud of fog. The 420 festivities, vendors and herbalists will be mingling amongst booths looking for free dabs, giveaways, pre-rolls - & probably with a joint in hand.


Oh, they’ll be there, just not for the reasons you’re used to seeing them when you’re high. Cannabis events draw in large crowds, which is why a lot of them are usually spread out for two or three days to accommodate all of the herbalists who bought tickets. And with large crowds, you’re bound to see some sort of security. With the newness of cannabis legality, many states require that police presence as a mandatory security precaution. However, at most of these events, the cops are pretty cool and interactive. They won’t go as far as joining a sesh, but some aren’t opposed to ‘sparking’ conversation or even taking pictures while you smoke, or hold a lit joint.


Cannabis trade shows are the best! Simply for the fact that all of your favorite brands, products and influencers will be out promoting marijuana products and services. There’s really nothing better than finding an interesting product or service and learning more about it from the actual distributor/vendor, rather than asking the cashier at a smoke shop what they think about your potential purchase. At cannabis events, samples and demonstrations of products are given that you most likely won’t get to experience unless you buy. Trade shows allow an inter-personal experience where you can engage with vendors, which can heavily influence your decision to purchase or not.


It’s not all about getting high - there are some really insightful seminars and workshops, taught by reputable cannabis industry moguls, that can help influence your decision to take that ganjaprenuerial step. Cannabis event schedules usually consist of some sort of education segment that you shouldn’t miss. In each of these seminars/workshops, there are teachable things that you can learn and apply to your everyday life with cannabis. At a cannabis event, you may find seminars that teach you how to keep track of/store your cannabis profits or the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. There are a wide range of topics regarding cannabis and business that you can learn about if you purchase a ticket to a cannabis event.


Aside from going to a cannabis event for what it has to offer, events like the HighTimes Cannabis Cup or the Boston Freedom Rally host a plethora of herbalists. This is the perfect opportunity for introvert smokers to meet other smokers. Finding booths and products that you are interested in could lead to you standing on line with or buying the same thing as your new best friend. Not to mention, smoking marijuana is a shareable activity - all you need in a place like this is to pass the dutchie.. (pon di left hand side)


Even if you go to a cannabis event with lint in your pocket, you’re most likely to walk out of there with one or two freebies. Cannabis events are notorious for having giveaways and samples, especially at 4:20. While you roam the event, keep an eye out for booths that have unusually large crowds around them. A bunch of people standing in one place is usually because a vendor is hosting a giveaway. In those crowds, you have a high (pun intended) chance of catching objects being thrown from behind the booth. And if you’re not careful, you can also catch an elbow to the eye or have your feet trampled on as if they were the floor. People are ruthless when it comes to free shit! So be careful, but make sure you go home with your fair share of free samples and stickers.