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Wake 'N Bake Like A Pro

Everybody’s different - some wait until the end of the day to relax and smoke a joint, others roll up the night before with the intentions of smoking with a nice cup of coffee. If you’re an herbalist, and have been considering yourself one for some time now, then you’re probably not a stranger to a wake ‘n bake sesh. But have you ever wondered if it was ideal to smoke marijuana at the start of the day, or if it wasn’t the greatest idea? We’re giving you some helpful herbalist tips that will teach you to wake ‘n bake like a professional, and allow you to have an amazing day thereafter.

First of all, lets be honest with ourselves. Different strains of marijuana can affect our bodies differently. While indica’s can be a sleep aide, making you more drowsy and relaxed, a sativa can give you a burst of energy or creativity. A hybrid can give you a mixture of both feelings. But when any of those strains start to wear off, our bodies feel tired, and as more time passes, tired is an understatement. In order to wake ‘n bake like a pro, you should make sure that you have your priorities in order. Start your day with a list of goals you would like to accomplish so that your mind is focused of getting things done, rather than giving in to the relaxing feeling of THC flowing throughout your body. As herbalists, we should all be determined to rid ourselves of the stereotype of a couch potato stoner - so make sure that you wake up with intentions more than just to smoke.

Wipe the sleep out of your eyes before you roll up! Don’t make the mistake of rolling up a heavy indica - you’ll be fighting off sleep for the remainder of the day. Be mindful of whatever you choose to bake with, knowing yourself, your day's itinerary and your body’s capacity to get what you need done under the influence. Sour Diesel, Silver Haze and Tangie are three popular sativa strains that a good recommendations for a morning sesh because their effects include happiness, energetic, focus and creativity. If you’re looking for other sativa strains that would be an enjoyable wake ‘n bake, check out Leafly’s Sativa Cannabis Strains list.

Breakfast is also a good addition to your wake ‘n bake routine. A hearty morning meal is not only good for your health, but having food in your stomach as THC circulates your endocannabinoid system helps the THC take effect. Plus, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to get the munchies, right? Enjoying a good meal in the morning could prevent that ‘hangry’ urge to have an early lunch. Combining cannabis with your coffee in the morning is know to cause the kitten (dry mouth), but many people love that marijuana takes the jitters out of the caffeine. Orange juice has been rumored to increase the intensity of your high, but that theory has not been scientifically proven. Feel free to try it during your next wake ‘n bake and let us know, though!

Like we said before, when you come down off of your high, you tend to feel drowsy and that’s when the laziness tends to kick in. If it’s possible, try to leave yourself some time in the afternoon to take a break and relax. If that can’t happen, then try not to fill your schedule to so many activities or responsibilities. If you have too many things on your to do list and start your day off with a wake ‘n bake, the chances of your being overwhelmed or feel like you’re forgetting to do something are very high (pun intended). Manage your time in a way that you can get some work done, take a break and then go back to being productive.

Most importantly (well maybe not most), but it’s not absolutely necessary to leave the house smelling like a whole marijuana plant. Start your day leaving your house after a refreshing shower and clean outfit. When you handle your responsibilities feeling fresh and clean, not only does it enhance your appearance as an herbalist, but you feel good - and high!


Wake ‘N Bake Like A Pro