2015 Roll Up

What a year! The Higher Content has taken full advantage of 2015, accepting opportunities to expand our brand left and right, traveling, meeting new people & networking and so much more. During the last year, we have learned so much about the cannabis industry and the people involved in it as well as more about ourselves as not only a blog, but now expanding to becoming a go-to media outlet for the cannabis community. This year has, of course, had its ups and downs. However, it seems as though The Higher Content has been an inspiration to pick us back up during those rough times and keep us going during the good. We are honored, humbled and extremely happy to reminisce on this amazing year in our second yearly wrap up: the 2015 Roll Up. 

We started out with a bang. First, realizing we were coming up on the one year anniversary for THC and secondly, wanting to expand our blog. We decided to continue informing the community and shed a special spotlight on those ganjapreneurs who have made a name for themselves in the industry. In January, we introduced our Honored Herbalist section, which features a different herbalist each month. Honestly, we were shocked to be able to feature celebrity cannabis consultant Dr. Dina as our first Honored Herbalist being that it was a new section to our website and she is so well known. To our surprise, Dr. Dina as well as the 11 other herbalists we have featured this year have proven to be open, honest and down to earth individuals who are glad to share their stories about being in the cannabis community. Our Honored Herbalist section has allowed us to connect with ganjaprenuers and develop relationships with them before we met. We're proud to say that we have been the first to interview quite a few of those who have been featured and glad that 2015 has also allowed us to meet many of our Honored Herbalists. 

The Green Solution Denver, CO 4/18/2015

The Green Solution Denver, CO 4/18/2015

The Higher Content attended our first HighTimes Cannabis Cup in April of this year and let's just say, Denver was DOPE! Getting picked up from the airport and being chauffeured to The Green Solution dispensary before our hotel was like celebrity status treatment for us. We're from New York and were unfamiliar with the recreational pot laws in Colorado. Being exposed to the ability to go to a store, look at and learn about cannabis, purchase it and walk out with a receipt was unbelievable to us! We enjoyed our stay at the DoubleTree Hotel with a bunch of other herbalists, including Danny Danko, Senior Cultivation Editor at HighTimes. We had the pleasure of chatting with Danko at our hotel bar, where he gifted us with four guest list passes to the Cannabis Cup - which granted us 2 more days of access into the event as compared to the one day ticket we purchased for ourselves. 

In Denver, we had the pleasure of attending the HG Outfitters x Kush Cake Pops after party as well as hanging out at the 710 Private Art Collective where there were nothing but top shelf meds, heady glass and great personalities all around. We visited a different dispensary everyday we could, having pleasurable yet different experiences at Medicine Man, Ballpark Holistic, Frosted Leaf and Botanico

@BudSuds 1st & 2nd Place HighTimes Cannabis Cup Trophies

@BudSuds 1st & 2nd Place HighTimes Cannabis Cup Trophies

We had the pleasure of attending other events like the New England Cannabis Convention in Rhode Island, which was less attended than the Cannabis Cup but all in all, good exposure for THC. We were honored to be invited as vendors by our good friends, BudSuds, and were pleased to help them sell their variety of soaps, lotions, bath salts and chakra bombs.  We continued to travel and vend with BudSuds, attending our second HighTimes Cannabis Cup in Michigan with our favorite (and only) soap dealer as well as the rest of our New Jersey Dabbers United family. This time, we were proud to be under a winning booth of the 2nd Place Best Topical and 1st Place for their collab with KiefKrispy, who won for his edibles. 

Our travels continued to the Boston Freedom Rally, which is where we met our NJDU family for the first time in 2014.  For two days, we helped BudSuds sell their products as well as met new people/companies and caught up with those we've already had the pleasure of meeting or working with. 

During all of these wonderful times, we have gone through struggles to communicate with our followers on Instagram. This year, our @highercontent account has been deleted twice for no known reason. Instagram has been on a heavy deleting spree, specifically targeting the cannabis community. Everyday this year, there has been a senseless deletion of a cannabis feed on the Instagram application.

We were deleted at 22K followers back in February and at 23K followers in July.  Being deleted hindered us from increasing our followers for quite some time, as we're sure it did for many other owners of cannabis feeds. It prompted us to start a backup page, @highercontentblog and start a petition to create cannabis community protection on Instagram. There are many people who have been victim to Instagram's senseless deleting spree's; some of which start new pages, others just give up. And while these cannabis businesses and enthusiasts are outraged at having their entire feed wiped away, many do not have that same desire to fight for their rights. Instagram has its share of sex, drug use and other illegal content, however, they continue to target cannabis, which has been proven to be a healing drug. Our petition has slowly gained signatures, as feeds like ours get deleted continuously with no explanation. 

The remainder of the year led to us to thinking about what new endeavors we could embark upon. With the success we've had this year, it only inspires us to continue to learn, grow and travel. The cannabis industry is inevitable, which gives us the determination to become the  outlet for the cannabis community. We enjoy being a source for herbalists to consider their herbal product purchases, or learning about their favorite herbalists from Instagram. Sharing the current events in the community, cannabis facts, pictures and videos has connected us with our followers. We appreciate all of the feedback we've received and consider it all. 

Next year, we will continue everything we do now, plus more! Thank you for your continued support.  


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