2016 Roll Up

Yet another year has come and gone.  2016 seemed like it went by in the blink of an eye but the year was filled with exciting things for both our company and the country.  Since 2014, we have been honored to be apart of the rapidly expanding cannabis community and are proud of the name that we have made for ourselves amongst the many ganjapreneurs we have been fortunate enough to have met.  This year, we have continued to learn, grow and better ourselves while weeding out (pun intended)  the negativity and con artists.  The Higher Content™ is happy to bring you our third annual Roll Up Report.  

This past year has been outstanding for our business!  The Higher Content™ became more than just a blog - we expanded our services to further endorse our mission of being the outlet to uplift the cannabis community.  The marijuana industry can now not only visit our website to view Herb News, Interviews and Product Reviews but also use our website and social media to advertise their company, brand or content.  Early this year, we introduced our Advertising and Blog Sponsorships as well as our Content Creating Services and have been seeing great success when sharing content for other cannabis companies.

The Honored Herbalist Interviews section of THCBlog has been growing along with our personal excitement and fulfillment when we share these exclusive stories with the community.  In 2016, we brought you the highly anticipated interview about collegiate football player, Treyous Jarrells, an in-depth interview with hip hop artist Lil' Debbie, two exclusive interviews with Charlo Greene, and more!  As the years go on, we will continue to bring the cannabis community the untold stories of your favorite herbalists in the marijuana industry.

Our media coverage services were also in full effect this year, covering at least one marijuana event each season this year.  We were excited and honored to be invited to cover our first event in California this year at AbraCaDabs in San Bernardino.  While in Los Angeles, we were able to visit Dr. Dina and review the Alternative Herbal Health Services West Hollywood (AHHSWEHO) dispensary, as well as hang out with our friends @EastCoastDabbin, @ItsChooChoo, @OGeeKush76 and the owners of Push Trees, @Dope_As_Yola and @Stoner_Dottie.  In spring, we were disappointed in being sponsors for a horribly organized New York City cannabis event , CannaFree NYC, and were not ashamed to dub that event as the worst 4/20 event ever attended.  However, we redeemed our ruined 4/20 at the Extravaganja event in Massachusetts while also lending a hand at the @BudSuds booth.  Summertime, we enjoyed an informational coverage visit at High NY and in the fall, we went to Rhode Island for the Ghouls and Globlins event.

2016 was a great year for marijuana overall.  Residents of the United States raised their voices and concerns about marijuana reform, leading to many initiatives being placed on the ballot this year.  The election this year brought good news for eight states in the country.  The east coast finally has a recreationally legal state while down south, the midwest and west coast legalized and decriminalized cannabis.  President Obama also commenced the sentences of many non-violent marijuana offenders across the country.  While the legalities of cannabis from state to state still confuse many across the country, 2016 has shown that there is a possibility of our beloved plant becoming legal in every state.

The year has come to end and every herbalist will gather with their loved ones to pop champagne and spark their joints.  The Higher Content™ would like to thank you for your continued support over the past three years and wishes all of our herbalist friends, family and followers a prosperous and Happy New Year.

...To 2017!