2017 Roll Up

Another year has come and gone and it's crazy to say that The Higher Content™ has been bringing you Herb News, Product Reviews and Interviews for 3 years! With the new year approaching and marijuana becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, we at THC have smoked some fire ass sativa's to spark our creativity and continue to expand our ever-building empire.

The beginning of the year started off with a bang - we kept bringing you the hottest Honored Herbalists on the cannabis scene to date with the likes of Ashley Manta and Liv Alexander highlighting women in the marijuana industry with their own special niche's. Our content creativity unraveled from HD pictures to stop motion videos with a 'WOW' effect.  And as always, we consistently update THCBlog with news, celeb updates, event coverage and product reviews to keep you "in the know" about everything cannabis related.

As summer approached, The Higher Content™ began a hiatus from the internet but, never from the cannabis community.  Many of you may have been wondering why our web platforms took a pause.  With the big boom in the cannabis industry, we saw it best fit for us to take some time to revamp our image, add to our purpose and add more prowess to our repertoire.  In laymen's terms: we took a break to come back better than ever!

During our hiatus, we stayed active in the community by attending cannabis events in New York, Boston and Los Angeles.  The Higher Content™ had its first booth showcasing our blog and brand at a cannabis event that hosted more than 12,000 herbalists.  Not only have we continued to meet amazing individuals with unique passions for cannabis, we've gathered material to share their stories and products with you.

Our break from the internet only made us realize that we want to not just maintain our presence but continue to grow to into a household name as a premier cannabis media outlet.  By fall, our ideas became plans which ultimately became our goals.

So our break wasn't very much of a break.  In May, we covered Extravaganja and interviewed two female ganjaprenuers just before our hiatus.  In June, we covered the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition.  In July, we covered Chalice.  In September, we attended the Boston Freedom Rally.  And the months thereafter, we spent our time doing heavy R&D, brainstorming and idea developing.  Although you may have gotten used to not hearing about/from us in a while, get ready because The Higher Content™ is about to put ourselves back on the map!

We wish for bigger and better things in 2018, as we always do when New Years approach.  It is mandatory for everyone as individuals to continue to progress and grow as we venture through our journey's in life.  Fortunate for us, we found our passion in the cannabis community and found our place in the marijuana industry which, in itself drives our eagerness to learn and grow within our chosen careers.  We only wish the same for all of our herbalists, new and loyal, and hope that you continue to follow us on our journey.  Who knows, you may just be able to join us in the future ; )

Cheers to 2018!