5 Foreign Places You Should Get High

Two of our favorite things to do as an herbalist couple: get high and try new things.  What would be better than traveling to a foreign place that you've never been and getting high while enjoying the scenery?  We've done our research and here are our top 5 places that we want to travel to and of course, get high!


Don't be deterred by the War On Drugs!  Since 2009, five grams of any drug has been decriminalized in Mexico.  We'd love to kick back under a cabana on the beach and smoke a blunt!



After discovering that Iceland is the country that smokes the most pot (check our post!), we MUST check out some Icelandic buds!  And they have some beautiful views.



I'm sure you've heard that marijuana is legal in Amsterdam.  Well, you're wrong.  However, less than five grams is decriminalized in the Netherlands and it's legal for tourists to spark up at certain "coffee shops."


Although it's not necessarily legal yet, marijuana is tolerated in most places.  It's also been said that you can purchase weed or hash in almost any city beaches, bars or clubs.  Plus, Brazilian women are beautiful.



Marijuana isn't technically legal but many Indians use weed for Hindu rituals.  It is also believed that the cannabis plant originated northwest of the Himalayans.  We'd love to try some weed from its natural habitat.