Cotton Mouth

It's the worst aftermath of smoking: cotton mouth.  When you finish smoking and your mouth is dry, you're craving something, anything to drink.  In your mouth is the stale aftertaste of the weed you just smoked and you're nowhere near a refrigerator, a store or even a sink to take a little sip of something.

I hate getting cotton mouth so much that I always try to have something to drink or chew on during or after the cyph.  It's horrible when you're out in public, in the car, or at a place where there is nothing to munch on after you smoke but it's even worse when there's nothing to drink!  It kind of feels like when you first wake up; your breath stinks and you need to brush your teeth.  It almost is unbearable to have to deal with having cotton mouth for an extended period of time before you can finally drink something. 

And what's the best solution for cotton mouth?  Nothing, get a drink!  Whether you keep your mouth closed or keep talking, that parched feeling won't go away until you take a sip of something to quench your thirst.  You're not the only herbalist who gets cotton mouth after smoking.

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