A Higher Content™ Valentine's Day

The lover's holiday is quickly approaching and herbalist couples (like our co-founders) enjoy including cannabis in their romantic activities, as with any other.  Keeping things fun and interesting in your relationship is key to keeping the love alive.  This Valentine's Day, show the one you love how much you care with a little bit of TLC and these five essentials, and cannabis of course!



Start your day off fresh and clean with a couples bath or shower.  The premier choice cannabis infused skin topicals is the one and only BudSuds. Along with their line of amazing products that consistently fly off the shelves, the HighTimes Cannabis Cup winning brand has a special line of scented CBD soaps that even come with special toppings like rose petals or an amethyst stone.  BudSuds has all of the products to make your body irresistible to touch.  Soak up some suds in a steamy bath with your loved one and BudSuds Chakra Bath Bomb and set the mood with a 100% Pure BeesWax Candle.  End off the night with a sensual couples massage with some CBD Massage Oil.



Seduce your lover with all of the necessities to have a chill Valentine's Evening.  Limitless Vizions Event Planning has great Valentine's Day packages, but one especially made for herbalists.  Surprise your special someone with 8 beautiful roses.  Everything you need (minus the flowers) comes in the On Cloud 9 Package.  Purchase a rolling tray, Raw papers and cones, a cone stuffer and grinder; perfect for rolling all of your joints to enjoy with the one you love.  Top off the night with six chocolate covered strawberries to sexually satisfy those inevitable munchies.





Cannabis in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular.  Not only are chefs including cannabis in their ingredients to create some of their most delicious recipes, but there are plenty of do it yourself recipes that include cannabis oil and butter.  The king of cannabis DIY, JeffThe420Chef, published an extensive book of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  The man with the motto "Do it yourself, do it right," not only teaches you how to cook with cannabis but also how to create your own cannabis infused butter or oil as well as properly dose your portions to safely medicate.  In The 420 Gourmet, you're guaranteed to find the perfect romantic meal.





Roll up something extra special to enjoy with your special someone on Valentine's Day.  Our former Honored Herbalist, SheSmokesJoints, provided a helpful how-to blog to MassRoots on how to roll a heart joint.  Smoking can become pretty routine, especially when you do it more than once, everyday.  Make Valentine's Day special with a personal creative roll designed with this holiday in mind.







Tell your loved one how much you care inside of a Kush Kard this Valentine's Day.  Kush Kards has the best holiday themed greeting cards for herbalists with little inserts to include a joint or vape pen with your card.  Each card has a cute greeting and adequate space to write a personalized note on the inside.  There's no better way to show somehow you care than to tell someone exactly how you really feel.


Purchase BudSuds here     |     Purchase On Cloud 9 Package here     |     Purchase The 420 Gourmet here     |     Learn To Roll A Heart Joint here     |     Purchase Kush Kards here.