A Note From THC

One of the reasons why we love The Higher Content is because it's all about marijuana - something we are really passionate about.  As an herbalist, we started to become frustrated because it was difficult to find a job without having to take a drug test.  It's even still frustrating when you're high in public and you feel ashamed or constantly wondering can they tell that I'm high right now?  We came to a point where we struggled to find our passion; we couldn't figure out what we wanted to do as our career - we just knew we didn't want to stop smoking!

So then birthed the @HigherContent Instagram, which took up some of our time.  Taking pictures of buds, coming up with questions to ask in the captions, and posting more than once throughout the day started to make us feel more occupied and we truly enjoyed doing it.  So we decided to start a blog to share all of the current events in the cannabis community with our followers.  Blogging became a fun thing to do and designing our website was time consuming yet enjoyable.  From day one, the mission of The Higher Content has been to uplift the cannabis community and get rid of the negative stereotypes about marijuana.

Marijuana shouldn't be treated like a bad word.  We don't like the fact that people dance around the word and it's many nicknames like they're a curse.  Marijuana is a drug that treats and heals people, how is that a bad thing?  How are we supposed to educate others if we're afraid to say the word?  How do we enlighten those who believe the rumors and myths about cannabis if we're intimidated by the word because of what other's think or feel about it?

Now, don't get us wrong, we understand that marijuana isn't legal everywhere.  So in order to get this message across, we have to be smart about it.  The Higher Content isn't doing anything wrong: we don't sell or grow marijuana or paraphernalia.  We are not dealers or a dispensary and if you do your research about The Higher Content, you'll never find THC being involved in any illegal transactions.  

We're taking part in the marijuana movement!  We want to provide our followers with the latest cannabis community news so that you know whats going on when it comes to legalizing marijuana.  We share ganja & fame news so you can see what celebrities are partaking in cannabis consumption.  We share herbal product reviews so you know what you're buying before you buy it.  Our cypher stories are there for herbalists to relate to and learn from.  We love being able to share all of that with you!

We keep you up to date on everything in regards to marijuana in hopes that you will share it with your friends and family, debate about it, educate others and spread the word.  The legalization of marijuana is sweeping the country; we're here to help you see how!

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