A Thankful Danksgiving

It's that time of year again where friends and family gather to cook their asses off and enjoy the biggest meal of the year with those they're thankful to have in their lives.  And cannabis is always welcome to this holiday gathering, as herbalists will need to lift their spirits and increase their appetites in order to enjoy the entire day of feasting and family.  This Danksgiving, what are you thankful for?

If you are a resident of one of the many states that legalized cannabis this past election day, there is one thing to add to your list of things to be thankful for.  Herbalists have done a shockingly excellent job getting out to the polls this year to legalize their beloved medicine.  While some states may not have included all of the necessary stipulations in order to protect the rights of herbalists, it is a step in the right direction towards recognizing marijuana is not a harmful, but a helpful drug.

If your state has yet to have legalized, no worries.  It is most likely that the conversation has already been started and your state may be following the footsteps of the rest of the country very soon.  And, you are probably not the only one who wants to see your state legalized.  Therefore, you should do what needs to be done in order to see legalizing cannabis on the next state ballot.

States that have already legalized are also beginning to recognize that cannabis can aid other ailments and disabilities, expanding the list of medical conditions applicable for medical marijuana.  Many states feel that cannabis is a last resort drug of choice for those who are basically on their deathbeds while others feel that is is an organic alternative to opioids.

Thanksgiving, also known as Danksgiving to herbalists, is the start to the holiday season.  It's the perfect time to catch up with friends and family that you do not see often.  Cannabis is a great sharing and socializing drug for events and gatherings.  A conversation starter, an appetite booster and a relaxing remedy to help you get through a day full of food.

Enjoy the holiday this year with high grade cannabis and those that mean the most to you and give thanks this Danksgiving.

Happy Danksgiving.