Ain't Got No Weed

Don't you hate it when you can't find any weed in your area?  It's the worst when it's dry around you - your dealer has no bud and you can't find anyone else to sell you some.  The fact that you can't find any weed makes you want to smoke ten times more!

Its the worst when you smoke the last of your weed, expecting to reup right away, and your dealer just sold the last of his batch!  That will make you wish you would've hit him up at least ten minutes sooner than you did to get that bag before the guy who beat you to it. You get mad at yourself for not waiting to smoke that last blunt.  You start hoping that your high lasts until you get that call for you to cop.  

When you can't find any weed, you might start smoking your roach clips to give you a temporary buzz.   It never does you justice.  Usually, if you're smoking clips, you have a high tolerance and you need that reup to get you right.  But at that point, getting a little high will do. 

And when you finally reup, it's like a euphoria! 

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