Are You Ashamed That You Smoke?

You should never be ashamed of the things that you do.  Whatever you do, you should do it with pride and not because someone wants you to or says you should.  That doesn't mean, however, if people do not agree with what you do that you should be influenced to no longer do it; specifically referring to marijuana.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion therefore, if someone doesn't agree with your smoking habit, that's their decision.  But, it shouldn't affect your decision.  If you consider yourself to be an herbalist, you should be educated on marijuana, its affects and benefits.  It's very likely that you will stumble upon people who are repulsed by people who smoke weed.  You should always be prepared and willing to try to change their mindset.  By sharing the education of marijuana with those who are unaware, it's possible that you may sway their opinion and possibly convert their thinking.  However if you can't defend marijuana and promote it as a habit that is harmless and in most cases can be healthy, you will most likely be grouped into that persons stereotype of a "pot head." 

We view the word "pot head" as derogatory because we believe that is how the phrase is most commonly used.  People refer to "pot heads" as lazy, unmotivated coach potatoes, which seems like more of an insult to us.  The term herbalist emphasizes on the passion a person has for marijuana, not an infatuation, and we urge all of our herbalists to use The Higher Content as a platform to educate themselves so that they can spread the knowledge to others who have yet to have been enlightened. 

There are certain circumstances in which your marijuana smoking habit should remain a personal matter.  If you are looking for a job, we would not advise that you advertise your smoking habit to your prospective employer.  Although it shouldn't be a deterrent, you don't want your boss to be under the impression that the quality of your work will be affected because you like to get high.  We also don't suggest that you go to school or hint to your teachers that you smoke.  You shouldn't be judged on anything other than your work when it comes to school.  However, your teacher would rather see you apply effort in class rather than see you under the influence.

You should not be ashamed of smoking marijuana.  With cannabis being in the media more frequently nowadays, it is our job as herbalists to spread education about marijuana worldwide.  Don't be ashamed to wear your weed apparel or tell people that you smoke!  Represent the cannabis community and if someone doesn't like it, give them a few reasons why they should!

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