Have you ever been arrested for marijuana?  Whether for possession or for just being under the influence, getting arrested for anything marijuana related is obviously a pain in the ass but it's also a waste of everyone's time.  Authorities continue to claim that marijuana is a dangerous controlled substance when really, it has been proven to be a medicine and also a benefit to any state that decides to legalize. 

Different states have different laws when it comes to marijuana, which makes getting high out of town more difficult and risky.  Your home state may allow you to smoke of carry, but others may not.  When traveling with your medication, be responsible and safe.  Also, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!  Don't offer any information to police officers that may incriminate you.  You may think you'll get off easy for being cooperative but, you won't!   Cops love arresting people for any kind of drug, marijuana included, and claim they're "protecting our neighborhoods."  Bullshit.  

And when they take your weed... FUCK!  You needed that for when you get out of this stupid mess!  

One day, we'll be able to look back on these days of marijuana being illegal.  It's crazy how so many states refuse to believe the facts: Marijuana is a medicine.  Just like any other medicine, if taken properly and responsibly, it will heal and relieve pain.  It's frustrating how so many people are still getting locked up, charged and fined with outrageous penalties over the most organic medicine that can be placed on the market.  So many prescription medications have been advertised to caused serious health issues.  Yet, marijuana has not caused one detrimental incident and it is still illegal. 

When will the madness end?  When will the world realize what a healing agent marijuana is?  Why are there still opposers to a natural medicine that comes from the Earth?  When will the jail cells be emptied of those who were convicted of any marijuana related crime? 

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