Beginning Of A New Era

I was new to the game, but it was in my DNA to smoke.. almost hereditary.  My expectations for smoking were higher than I got for my first time. I hit the spot with a dub and thought I was about to have the experience of my life. Well I was right in the wrong ways.  

I dumped the whole bag and attempted to roll it.  At this time, rolling was not one of my strong points.  It was 30 minutes and few ripped papers later… I finally had something rolled.  Half of my weed ended up on the bathroom carpet but I was happy I could finally smoke.  So I sat on the side of the tub, opened the window and lit that motherfucker up!

That's when the problem began...

I took my first hit and my boy told me to inhale. I tried to hit it a few more times but I wasn't getting any smoke. So i tried lighting it while toking.

The whole spliff caught on fire!

By the time I put the fire out, majority of the weed fell out.  My boy tried to work with it, took a couple hits.  After that, my first time was over. I didn't know what to feel -- I didn't really feel anything.  Although I didn't get high, I knew it wouldn't be my last time…