Birthday Benefits

If you're a well known herbalist, chances are you'll be blessed with bud in some way on your birthday.  It seems to be a reliable fall back when people don't know what else to get you.  Friends may light you up or give you a bag of some high grade to smoke to the face.  Either way, the benefits of your birthday are always good. 

If you have a dealer that you frequently cop from, they might hook you up on your special day for being such a loyal customer.  On your birthday, your dealer will most likely show true customer appreciation.  Just because it's likely to happen, doesn't mean you should walk around with your hand out.  Don't be a birthday brat, expecting everyone to light you up and give you weed for free.   

When it comes to someone like me, I don't really ask for much when my birthday comes around.  So if a friend gifts me some bud because they couldn't think of another gift or didn't have the money for something else, that's cool with me.  Regardless, the benefits of your birthday are always great. 

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