Blunt Ride To Six Flags

I remember a time my cousin and I were going to Six Flags Great Adventure for the day.  I had been there a million times before so I had no problem driving; I knew the way.  What made the ride 10x's better was that my cousin came through with a zip of some good'good.

So in my mind, we're gonna smoke a blunt or two on the way down to Jersey from New York.  About a three hour drive and not out of the ordinary for me to L ride on a road trip.  We smoked a blunt through Brooklyn, bumpin' some old school hip hop down the Belt Parkway.  Before that blunt was finished, my cousin was working on rolling up the next blunt!  Fuck it, I'm wit it, I thought to myself.

Before we got to Six Flags, we must've been five blunts deep. 

I      WAS      HIGH.

And he wanted to smoke another one in the parking lot before we went in.  Sheesh!  So we go in the park and hit all the poppin' rides:  El Toro, Kingda Ka, Nitro.. we rode everything once before we took a lunch/smoke break.  I never eat in the park (it's too expensive) so we drove to a spot down the street and grabbed some food, smoked another blunt and went back inside.

We rode everything again, two times if the lines weren't long, and headed back to New York.  I was burnt.  How many blunts did we smoke?  And this nigga still got MORE weed!  And we hit traffic on the way back which in turn meant more time for smoking.

Man, was I happy when I finally got home and laid in bed!

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