They Don't Want Us To Smoke!

The marijuana industry is constantly evolving but, the anti-cannabis advocates still pursue their mission to keep cannabis illegal. Ganjapreneurs, educators, event coordinators and more work diligently to put together reputable businesses, products and events while on the other hand, there are still plenty of 'War On Drugs supporters' committed to devaluing anything that has to do with cannabis. 

Cannabis events, especially on the east coast, are some of the most difficult events to try to coordinate. From the ins and outs of the venue, vendors, ticket sales, security and everything else required for an event revolved around cannabis, it is very important to make sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. But, even still, someone against cannabis consumption will find a negative within all of marijuana's positives. 

Countless cannabis events have been threatened, rescheduled and even canceled because of "insider tips" about possible illegal activity that could take place. While anti-cannabis advocates may feel that they are doing a good deed by keeping cannabis out of their neighborhoods, they are only silencing the many ways that marijuana and its users contribute to communities, their personal lives and the lives of others. 

A cannabis event, whether a seminar, workshop or trade show, is a great way for the cannabis community to show and prove all of the positives of marijuana. Herbalists of all different races gather at a particular venture to further their cannabis education, purchase cannabis products and meet with other like-minded herbalists. Of the hundreds of events catered to cannabis, there has not been one that has had documented "reckless behavior" like the antiquated cannabis critics believe come along with marijuana consumption. 


Of course, there are negatives with cannabis and the events thrown in celebration of it. However, in comparison to the activities that go on at bars - excessive drinking, bar fights, promiscuous hook ups, drunk driving, etc. - cannabis is nowhere near on the same level. As cannabis event goers and media coverage providers, the worst case scenario that we have seen or heard about epileptic seizures (which cannabis is a remedy) and petty theft of property. 

So what is the real intention behind the ones that choose to snitch? If you never smoked a day in your life knowing that cannabis is a Schedule I drug like heroin, would you consider marijuana to be safe in your neighborhood? If you grew up under the impression that your brain on drugs looks like a fried egg, that the War On Drugs is saving lives and locking up drug dealers that sell products that kill people, that cannabis is the gateway to other drugs, you might take some preventative actions yourself. (Don't be biased just because you're educated) It would be ideal if those who are uneducated were more open minded to learning

It is for the cannabis community to continue to show and prove.  There have been and will be many more pot holes and detours on the road to 100% unconfused cannabis legalization. Maintaining professionalism and respect is key to keeping a good reputation for marijuana and herbalists.