Cannabis Events: Illegal Drug Dealing

As herbalists, we all enjoy attending cannabis events in celebration of marijuana and to advocate for legalization and the responsible use of those who consume it.  These events are promoted as trade shows and usually host educational seminars to inform event goers of legalities, award show ceremonies, and concerts.  Unfortunately, no matter the emphasis on legalization or the behavior of medicated herbalists or the ultimate success of the event overall, each and every one of these cannabis events are essentially hosting illegal drug dealing activity.

Big name companies such as High Times and even more now, up and coming marijuana companies are gathering sponsors and soliciting vendors to be apart of cannabis events in legal states.  The event hosts and venue offer tickets to those who are of age and who are medical patients (if required) to enter the cannabis event.  Inside, they will be granted access to shopping at many collectives and booths that are selling anything from cannabis, to glass art to clothing and apparel.  Event goers can also attend informational panels that host Q&A segments to educate patients and herbalists about all things cannabis.  Many events hold competitions to find the best flowers, concentrates, edibles, etc. and also host an awards ceremony that event goers can attend as well.  And, to make the ticket even more worth the price (and they are pricey!), many cannabis events have special guest appearances and music artist performances.

While the event host and venue may have "covered their asses" by requiring guests pay and show ID to get in, you cannot say the same for the vendors inside.  Each state operates differently when it comes to its marijuana laws however, every state does require that each collective require to see identification and medical marijuana cards (if necessary) before selling anyone cannabis.  Vendors at these events should be doing the same.

During these events, booths are constantly offering free dabs and bong hits.  Booth reps walk the aisles offering free edibles and samples to passersby, and if someone under age somehow snuck in, they could easily illegal consume or possess cannabis.  Those chances may be slim however, each collective should be requiring to see ID before distributing any cannabis because in all reality, it is a medicine and therefore, it is still a drug that should be properly monitored and administered.  In certain states, like California, it is a law that patients are required to register with each collective they make a purchase from.

There usually is a police presence as well as security at cannabis events.  But don't let that fool you!  Authorities may be "turning a blind eye" to these events but that does not mean that they are being operated lawfully.  Being that these events are not insisting that their booths require to see identification before each purchase, if a police officer were to investigate any of the transactions being made, both the vendor and the patient can be arrested.

The massive amount of illegal transactions being made at every one of these cannabis events leads [educated] herbalists to predict that there will soon be a raid.  Authorities would have the most success apprehending illegal drug dealers and consumers at an event promoting cannabis use.  Since there have been no major headlines or incidents at any of the many cannabis events held throughout the country, it seems as if they will continue to operate this way until police enforcement gets involved. 

Cannabis has proven to have beneficial effects for those suffering from minor things like stress or anxiety to life threatening diseases like epilepsy and cancer. Unfortunately, a stigma has been built around recreational cannabis users, not to mention the absurd federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug. Nationwide, authorities have been cracking down on illegal drug operations, and cannabis has not been excluded. It is up to your discretion whether you would like to attend one of the many cannabis events that take place year round all over the country. However, do not be shocked when attending events where a mass amount of people gather in one place to continuously break the law if the Feds decided to "make a visit."


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