Cannabis Instead of Cookies For Santa


Do you still believe in Santa?

No judgement if you do. If you're still waiting for Santa to come down your chimney every Christmas Eve, then why not switch up the gift you leave behind for 'ol Saint Nick? I mean, if you had free stuff waiting for you at every house you visit, would you really want millions of cookies?

We think Santa might appreciate cookies of a different sort, don't you? Santa just might leave you some extra gifts if you left him some Girl Scout Cookie flowers. Lets face it, Santa will be in and out of countless homes this Christmas, with most leaving out an array of chocolate chip, sugar, gingerbread and other kinds of cookies. He's definitely going to get full.

Cannabis has the ability to increase your appetite, hence the reason why we get "the munchies" after we smoke. So leave Kris Kringle some cannabis by the chimney. We're sure he won't be disappointed.


And now for the non-believers:

Everyone in the house is asleep, but you still have a few things to put under the tree before morning. It's always been a Christmas tradition to leave cookies for Santa, you even did so with your kids, nieces or nephews. But that's for the kids, what about the adults who know a fat man in a red suit isn't sliding down your chimney then riding off on a sleigh with flying reindeer? What if you don't even have a chimney!? But I digress...

Leave a treat for yourself, or any other adult that might wake up for a midnight snack or rise in anticipation of opening gifts with family. A joint worth of cannabis by the tree is the perfect pre-Christmas morning gift. And to keep with the tradition of "leaving it for Santa," make it mandatory that at least some of the cannabis gets smoked. What a great new tradition!