Can't Hang

Ever been around someone who can't handle your weed tolerance? Sometimes people don't know their limit and may try to keep up with the crowd by not tapping out. It's usually in times like this where your high is blown because you have to care for your friend who is high out of their mind. There has been enough times where people get too high that they knock out, get extremely silly or talkative or just plain annoying and those are the type of people who can't hang.  

The best advice in situations like this is to realize that not everyone has as high of a tolerance as you. It's never cocky to look out for others who may not be able to smoke like you. If you notice that people in your sesh are getting too high for your comfort, there is nothing wrong with cutting them off from the cyph. Nowadays, people have different smoking habits like smoking weed and wax together (twax) or adding tobacco leaf to their cannabis. These extra ingredients give an extra boost to your high which may be too much for others to handle.  

Also, be on the lookout for those who talk a big game. People like to boast about their smoking habits and may not always be truthful about it. While they wish they could handle smoking back to back, when it comes down to it, their lungs may not really be able to handle it. It's never good to down play someone's smoking habits because they will most likely try to challenge you. Always monitor the people you smoke with to make sure they stay responsible.  

If you ever have to take care of someone who is too high, it's best to keep them hydrated and comfortable. Whenever someone gets too high, the best remedy is to sleep it off. 


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