Caught L Riding

One of my favorite things to do is take an L ride.  I love smoking blunts and driving around - seeing different scenery, blasting music from my 12" subwoofers in my trunk, blown some good dank in the air.  I must admit, I am an excellent driver when I'm high.  Not to brag or boast, but it seems as if I'm more attentive cuz I don't wanna get caught.  So whenever the chance comes that I can take a drive on a beautiful day with a blunt, I'm ready to take it.

On this day, I had a full tank of gas and the sun was shining.  It was a beautiful summer day to take a trip to the Hamptons and blaze on the way to and from.  So we hit the highway, me and somebody I used to know.  Trunk knockin, I get passed the L.  I look to my left and on the opposite side of the highway I see a state trooper in an SUV that pulled over another driver.  Strange thing was, we made eye contact.

My nerves start jumping.  I thought to myself, he was on the other side of the highway, we good.  


Although I thought we were in the clear, I sped up.  I hit 90 miles an hour going down the highway and got off at the next exit just in case the trooper wanted to come for me.  At the exit, we stopped at the first red light, ready to make a left and continue our journey.  I was being passed a roach clip when I heard this dog barking loud and obnoxiously.  I look to my right and I see the state trooper, mad as hell.  He was so mad he couldn't remember he could roll down his window to tell me to pull over.  He was pointing at me, angry and aggressively.  

I rolled down my window.  What? I asked him.  He rolled down his window (he probably felt so stupid) and told me to pull over in the diner parking lot we were across the street from.  Still holding the roach clip next to my shift knob, I pulled into the parking lot and quickly put out the roach.  The trooper hopped out of his truck so fast I couldn't even put the roach in the ash tray.

Where you coming from?  he asked me, blunt still in hand.  I'm trying to keep my hand from his view as he goes through his routine of questions.  He smelt the smoke, obviously, and asked me to step out of the car.  My passenger stayed inside.

I stepped to the rear of my car with him as he asked me if and when I smoked.  I told him I smoked in my car an hour ago then he went to ask my passenger the same questions.  When he stepped away, I stepped on the roach until it was unrecognizable.  Our answers added up so I ended up getting a speeding ticket, a threat AND a warning.  He told us he could take me to jail for DUI but he "didn't want his dog to go nuts" cuz he would smell the weed on me.  Bullshit.  I coulda went to jail, I don't know why I didn't though.

Fortunately after all that, we had another blunt.  So my high was blown but we got higher.. when we got home.

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