Cyph Convo's That Make You Think

Have you ever been in a cypher with someone who asks an intriguing question that sparks a long debate?  When you're high and talking about things like politics, religion, UFO's or conspiracy theories, things can get pretty deep.  Everyone has a different point of view on touchy subjects like those and someone's opinion can cause a defensive response and before you know it, you're in an hour long debate. 

When you find yourself in a cyph where you start talking about some deep shit, you better have another blunt ready!  It might turn into a long night.  The good thing about cyph's like this is that you may learn something or be put on to a different perspective of things.  You may feel like you're being schooled, but there's nothing wrong with learning new things. And hey, you're high!  

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some occasions where you're just not in the mood for a philosophical conversation. Sometimes you just wanna smoke your weed and not think about shit!  You don't want to be rude when telling that person you're not trying to talk about it - just politely ask if you could change the subject.  

How do you feel about cyphs that make you think? 

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