Cypher Etiquette

How many times have you been in a situation where you're about to sesh with a few friends and they can't or won't match the meds you throw down? Unless it is agreed that people will get lit up (smoke for free), there has to be a certain type of cypher etiquette. 

A proper smoke sesh includes herbalists that bring meds to share with others in the cypher. Every person may not come with meds; they would be considered to be getting lit up. Those who get lit up on a frequent basis should eventually return the favor.

If big blunts are being passed around, it's not polite to roll up a skinny L. Proper sesh's are matched by everyone involved. To match means to provide the same amount of meds as others involved in the sesh.  

Cypher etiquette is usually an unspoken topic however, if more herbalists practiced more polite behavior when it comes to smoking, it would prevent many disagreements and arguments. The key to proper cypher etiquette is communication.  


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