Daily Routine

Every herbalist has their daily routine.  Whether they wake 'n bake when they open their eyes or smoke before work, herbalists have their preferences when they like to smoke.  Sometime, it gets to the point where activities don't feel the same if you're not high.  You plan when you want to smoke and sometimes have a spur of the moment cyph.  What are some of your daily routines?

In the morning, herbalists commonly like to wake 'n bake, or get high when they wake up. A good sativa is the perfect way to give yourself the energy you need for the day.  If you haven't already, try some kush for breakfast! 

Smoking before you leave the house for work or running errands is common also.  Usually if you start the day off high, you'll want to keep it going. Carrying a vape pen to keep you uplifted is a great idea. But make sure you follow your state laws and travel discreetly and with caution.  

A nice blunt or dab after a long day is always a nice way to welcome yourself home. Unwind and relax after a productive or stressful day with a sativa hybrid to give yourself a creative and euphoric high to make and/or enjoy dinner. When you're ready to call it a night, smoke an Indica strain to help ease you to sleep. 

I prefer doing all of these things!  I love having Mary Jane be apart of my daily routine.  What about you? 

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