Dankful & Thankful

When the weather gets chilly and the leaves start falling here in New York, it's time for holiday festivities and l'est we not forget, FOOD! As a herbalist who's "dedicated to medicating," cannabis is always involved in our Higher Content™ holidays and on Thanksgiving, more than ever, we love to enjoy many varieties of cannabis with our friends and loved ones. This year, we'll be taking it easy, avoiding the hustle and bustle and staying home (& highly medicated.)  But fear not, we still have some tips and tricks for those on the go this Danksgiving, and for those keeping it comfy and cozy like us!

Cannabis is and always has been a great social drug.  Puff, puff, pass over appetizers and good conversation with someone you love or family you see once a year while the turkey is in the oven.  Cannabis flowers are the most recognized form of marijuana and usually the most widely accepted among those with little to no experience.  Even those who consider themselves veterans to smoking may prefer flowers over other types of cannabis.  Keep it simple, roll a joint and enjoy.   TIP: If you're pre-gaming before dinner with flowers, you might want to choose a sativa or a sativa dominant hybrid to smoke.  Sativa's are daytime strains that will get you medicated, but not sluggish and drowsy.  You want to stay awake until dinner is ready!

Family doesn't care for cannabis?  Is there no way to escape for a smoke break?  You can still medicate! Vape pens are a great way to conceal the scent and visual of smoking marijuana. You can step outside to take a few hits, hide it in your pocket and return to the gathering with no fear of being questioned about your disappearance or new body odor.  Don't like vapes?  No problem!


Cannabis edibles come in many forms.  Nowadays, the most popular edibles are cookies, brownies and gummies, but who wants to eat dessert before dinner!? (maybe that was a stupid question)  When THC is extracted from the cannabis plant, it can be added to any recipe.  Some of our favorite edibles come from Mr. Danka Edibles - like their flavored syrup, BBQ & Hot Sauce, Peanut Butter and Nutella.    TIP: Keep a nice, mellow high by micro-dosing (taking small doses of cannabis edibles) before Thanksgiving dinner.  Ingest too many milligrams of THC and you'll find yourself sleeping through dinner.  Great sleep, but you'll wake up in time for left overs.

If you're the hostest with the mostest and the chef in the kitchen for the big day, why not add a little "extra ingredient" to some of your dishes. BE SURE TO WARN EVERYONE WHO WILL BE SERVING THEMSELVES!  If you plan on using cannabis butter and oil to cook this year, your Danksgiving meal will be a guaranteed hit among your herbalist guests.  Our advice, don't over do it.  There's a saying a little goes a long way and it should definitely be applied to this holiday.  Being that everyone plans on eating A LOT on Thanksgiving, keep the canna-butter light and the canna-oil, too!  That way, when you and your guests go back for seconds (or thirds), you don't have to worry about everyone becoming couch potatoes, on your couch. You do want everyone to go home... safely!    TIP:  Everything on the menu doesn't need to include cannabis.  Keep some dishes canna-free.  Others can be offered with or without cannabis.

Most importantly, if you're going to consume cannabis this Thanksgiving, always be mindful of yourself, the company you keep and your environment.  Keep in mind that your tolerance for cannabis may be higher or lower than others, so don't over-consume and become the laughing stock of Thanksgiving '17.  And don't peer pressure or influence others to get higher than they can handle.  Always consume responsibly and care those your medicate with.  Keep the klutz' out of the kitchen, keep the smoke away from the children and most importantly, stay medicated.

Happy Danksgiving!