Dealing With Chiefers

You always get high with them to the point where they think it's routine.  If you're chillin', you're smoking.  But, how do you tell a Cheifer -- who's also your friend -- that you're not lighting them up anymore?

Sometimes its not about what you usually do with your friends.  Smoking weed isn't just a hobby, it's an expense.  Don't forget the fundamentals of smoking - if you don't throw down, you don't smoke.  There's nothing wrong with spotting people every once in a while or lighting up a friend when they don't have the means.  But if it ever gets to the point where you're constantly funding their habit, it's time to put a halt to that shit!

First, you should take into consideration who you're dealing with.  If it's a close friend, you need to be more cautious about how you approach the situation.  You don't want your friend to feel as if you're being stingy with the weed, only smoking by yourself or other people when they used to be there smoking with you all of the time.  Break it to them gently, let them know times is hard, money's tight and you can't light them up as frequently.

If it's not a close friend you're dealing with and you're more of a blunt person (pun intended), tell it to them straight and let them know.  You don't have it right now - if they don't got $5 on it, they can't hit your shit!