Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Have you ever wanted to smoke so bad, but found that you're unable to because of one or many reasons?  Often times than not, a road block never ceases to prevent an herbalist from finding a way to medicate.  Whether you have no papers/wraps to roll with, no lighter to spark with, or hell, no weed to smoke - desperate times call for desperate measures.

You've checked everywhere and can't find any, the store is closed, or you're strapped for cash - and you don't have any papers/wraps.  Now how are you gonna smoke?  Many herbalists have come across this problem, which leads to some of the most innovative ideas to come to life.  Joints have been rolled in brown paper bags, printer paper, even bible paper.  Those who are lucky enough to have options can choose to smoke out of a bowl or bong instead.

What about when you've rolled up and are ready to spark, but can't find a lighter or the only one you have is dead?  When no one is around that has a lighter to borrow, there are other alternatives other than waiting until you can buy a new one.  Depending on where you are and what's available, joints/blunts have been lit with matches, on gas stoves, or with two dead lighters.  You can also use the lit end of a joint to spark yours.

But what the hell do you do when you have no weed!?  Well, that might be a dilemma for most.  Unless you're so eager to medicate that you break down your ash tray full of clips/roaches and roll us the resin buds.  It will probably be one of the nastiest flavored joints you've ever smoked, along with some scooby snacks of ash/resin, but it will hold you over.

When you have the option to wait or find a way, what would you do?