Do Better NYC!

Anyone who smokes weed in New York wants it to be legalized to so we all can smoke freely.  As herbalists in the Big Apple, we sure do have a poor way of showing it.  Maybe a part of the reason why cannabis is still illegal in New York is because we haven't proven to able to use it responsibly.  Sure, herbalists don't get high and destroy people, property or relationships but we also don't advocate for legalizing.  It seems as if New Yorkers have become content with having to hide in building staircases or make sales on street corners rather than building a stronger desire to be able to purchase and use freely.  It seems as if people from the big city think that other people will do the fighting for them, and they will reap the benefits of the change that will soon come. 

We make big decisions and want everything fast in NYC, but how could you expect immediate results when you're not doing anything but getting high?  We marched in the NYC Cannabis Parade this year and were shocked at the small turnout.  Everywhere you go in the city, you most likely pass an herbalist or two or ten!  This was the perfect time to hit the pavement and show the head honchos of our home that we deserve cannabis rights!

We hope that in the future, more New Yorkers, people on the east coast and in America in general will professional show why we are all worthy of using cannabis, whether medically or recreationally.  The more we research and conduct studies on our beloved Mary Jane, we come to learn and realize that we have been degrading a natural, healing drug.  We wish that more Americans would use that new-found information in a positive, more beneficial way.


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