Don't Blow My High

There's nothing worse than when you're in the middle of a cyph or you just finished smoking and then BOOM!  Something happens and your high is blown! You don't feel high anymore, your attitude is altered; your mad or upset or stressed.. Damn, that blew mine. 

There's so many things that can happen and fuck up the vibes. Whether you're smoking and driving and *sirens*, now you're getting pulled over and you know there's no way you're not getting a ticket. Or you're high, chillin' - then you get a text, phone call or someone comes and tells you the most unexpected, worst news you could ever imagine hearing.   Have you ever been so high that you tripped and fell, stubbed your toe or hurt yourself so bad that you don't feel high anymore?

Sometimes it's just one of those days where you're not in a good mood. Maybe smoking will help.. and then it seems like everything goes wrong, no matter what you do.  Getting into an arguement when your high can almost guarantee to blow yours, too.  There are so many instances your vibes can get fucked up - and most herbalists have experienced having their high blown. 

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