Don't Capitalize On Cannabis

You know what really grinds my gears..

Cannabis is booming, no doubt about it. With businesses starting from the ground up, dispensaries and farms becoming abundant, legalization sweeping the country - it's hard to not have cannabis in your face somehow. Marijuana is becoming normalized. We see it being smoked in television sitcoms as a sort of normalcy instead of taboo. Remember the days when your favorite show would have an episode about marijuana and at the end, the whole cast gets serious and says, 'It's not cool to smoke weed. Parents, talk to your kids.'? Our favorite celebrities are coming out of the shadows, confessing that they dabble in it every now and again.  Cannabis is a culture in itself that is turning away from being rebellious and being even cooler than it was considered before.

But lets face it, with more opportunities to make money comes the gold digging, big business, corporate clowns trying to monopolize in an industry that they know nothing about. Yeah, there's plenty of potential to make money and probably more than enough to go around. But those who are in it only for the money, should have no business in the canna-business.

The country (or should we say government) claims to be concerned about the safety and health benefits of this drug that they have considered to be a Schedule I for decades. However, in the midst of all of the developing research, it's the people with money who have no idea or experience with cannabis who have the greatest opportunities to dive into this industry. And it's those individuals who lack the passion required to create a career, and one in horticulture nonetheless.

There leaves too much of an open door for people with big pockets and empty brains. The focus then becomes on production rate, profit return and all things money related rather that product quality, customer satisfaction and their contribution to the cannabis community as a whole. It is important that in this ever-evolving industry that those who participate in it continue to educate themselves and their customers.

It isn't strange to see a start-up company claim to be in pre-production or expecting to open up shop soon, accepting pre-orders and then never fulfilling those orders. (We blogged about one. That post has since been removed.) Money-hungry "innovators" with big ideas and small budgets think that this industry is so promising that it will be guaranteed success - and use cannabis consumers to help fund their projects.

For those of us who actually use cannabis as medicine, it would be ideal to only interact with other educated, health benefiting businesses. However, differentiating who's good and who's bad may be hard to do in these growing times.

The best thing for us herbalists is to stay as educated and hungry for knowledge as possible. Just like any other business, people will try to take advantage of you if they can - you have to show them they cant.

Slowly but surely, the fake cannabis enthusiasts start to weed themselves out (pun intended). Who do you think capitalizes on cannabis?