Dry - When You Don't Have Weed

What do you do when you don't have and can't get any weed?  We have all been there before.  As herbalists, when there's no weed in your hood or the dispensary is closed and you ran out, the worst feeling is when you want to smoke, but can't.  

It's even more worse when you can get bud, but you know it's gonna be wack.  Either the nugs were picked prematurely, or the bud is so old and dry that it breaks down to dust - at that moment you have to decide is it really worth the money.  Usually it isn't, and it's more frustrating that you can't find any other options.

As a true herbalist - a frequent smoker, when you go through a drought, it's the most blissful moment when you finally can smoke again.  Sometimes cooling off from smoking isn't such a bad thing.  But, it's never fun enduring the wait.


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