Enjoy Your First Edible Experience

If you've never had a marijuana edible before, you may want to keep in mind that this will be a different high experience.  Eating THC-infused products can give you a euphoric body high if you consume them properly.  Edibles differ from smoking marijuana, so here is some advice for your first time with edibles.

Whatever product you consume, whether its brownies, cookies, cake or lollipops, eat them slowly.  Enjoy the edible, don't devour it as if you haven't eaten in days!  Eating edibles too fast can result in stomach aches, extreme body highs and possible nausea.  You'll probably be very anticipated for your first time - be patient.  Marijuana edibles take take to set in and make you feel good.  Starting off with a low dosage edible would be best, and knowing your dosage would be recommended so that you can raise, lower or keep it the same for next time.  Eating a high dosage edible for your first time can cause you to have a non-pleasurable experience.

Have your first edible on a full stomach, too.  Just like drinking alcohol, you don't want to consume edibles on an empty stomach and you don't want to combine it with other drugs.  Keep in mind also that if you have a bad trip, it will end!  Nothing lasts forever.  

You'll want to enter this experience with a positive mind state.  If you think bad things will happen, they have a better chance of happening.  Enjoy your edibles in the company of good people and in a comfortable environment.  And don't forget to share! 

What are some of your favorite edibles?

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