Get 'Em High For The First Time

A true herbalist has experienced getting someone high for the first time.  It may be someone who is completely amazed with the art of smoking, someone who thinks they know but has no idea, or someone who doesn't really want to but you peer pressured them anyway.  Smoking with someone for the first time is always an awesome experience because you get to show off something you really love - getting high!

There's always that moment where they study how you pull on the blunt.  You inhale, look up and they're already staring at you - usually smiling - anticipating some sign of high-ness in your face.  You exhale and either their hand is out, ready to take their hit or they're shy and not quite ready.  Either way, you pass it to them.  Explaining how to take a hit: breathe in, hold it, let it out.  For some reason, they forget how to breathe and don't inhale anything.  They think they did it, though.  You tell them to do it again.  Inhale.  No, suck it in (pause).  Yeah, now hold it.  And breathe out.  That's it...

They sit there, you take another hit and there's that look.  You see it in their face: they're high.  And after that, you cyph naturally.  Giving little pointers here and there, showing a trick or two, amazing your amateur friend.  

The cyph ends.  You may have created another herbalist.  Good Job.

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