Good High Turned Bad

I know we all love the feeling of getting high after a long day of not smoking. But we all have that high we will never forget. Whether good or bad. In this case, my situation happens to be bad. At this point me and my boys smoked on a daily basis. Smoking was regular to us but on this particular day, we wanted to do it BIG. 

Hennessy ✔ 



The line up was looking beautiful. We each had 2 joints to face and 2 to cypher. We took 2 shots of Henny and headed to the backyard. 

Spark it up! Spark it up! 

Smoke is in the air and we are hiiiighhhh. I finished my personal joints and there was 2 spliffs in cypher. My homie suggested we go eat and save the other ones until after. We all agreed. By the time i walked to the backdoor, my homies face hit the floor. 

FUCK, i thought. This can't be happening. I called his name and he just laid there, motionless. My other boy and I tried to help him up but he was unconscious. Dead weight! He was the heaviest in our group and those three steps to my backdoor looked like forty steps from where we were standing. We could barely lift him up the first step we were struggling so much. Trying to be quiet so my parents wouldn't wake up was nearly impossible at this point. We got him in the house and laid him next to the fridge by the back door. 

And then I heard my father come down the stairs.  That night, I was forced out the cyph and spent it in the hospital looking over my homie...