Guard Your Ganja

Let's be honest - everybody loves weed! There are many types of herbalists out there, all with different tolerances, appreciations and dedication to being a marijuana smoker. Good cannabis isn't always easy to come by, which makes herbalists appreciate a good strain when they find one. Those who may not be as able to get their hands on some top shelf, or even some mid grade, could tend to have "sticky fingers" when around those who may be more fortunate. 

It is never wise to hang around people you can't trust, so why would you smoke with them? Herbalists have enough pressure to watch their backs with police and the feds. You don't need the stress of having to worry if someone will steal your meds. Keep the bulk of your cannabis in a safe and secure place, out of reach and in an unknown place so that you never have to worry. 

Keep an eye on your meds when seshing or hanging around those you may not know too well. Marijuana is meant to be shared, but not stolen. To avoid having a confrontation or dispute, herbalists should keep their meds to theirselves and establish which meds are to be shared in the sesh.  

When seshing with other herbalists, there should always be a general respect for others and their property. Depending on the type of relationship you have with the other herbalists involved, meds may be traded or gifted. It is polite to offer to exchange equal amounts for an equal trade. 

Keep in mind that you've spent your hard earned money on your cannabis and so have others. Respect others property and guard your ganja.  


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