The Herbalist Holiday Gift Giving Guide


Now that we're all full from Thanksgiving, don't catch the 'itis' just yet!  Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye and if you're not preparing your budget for all the gifts you'll have to buy this season, let us help you figure out how to knock out those herbalists on your checklist of gifts.

First things first, you have to consider who you're buying for.  The worst thing to do during the holidays (if you actually give a f*ck) is to buy someone a present that needs a gift return receipt or that they straight up just don't like and won't ever use.  It's a waste of your money and ultimately a realization of how much you know and care about that person.  What makes a gift special? "It's the thought that counts!"  We've all heard the terminology before but in actually, it really is true.

For instance, if you're looking to buy a gift for a fellow herbalist who loves smoking blunts, you wouldn't want to buy them a new rig.  The main reason being that it's not the proper equipment for their preference.  The risk you take when buying someone anything that they're unfamiliar with is that they will never try to get familiar with it.  Especially when it comes to upgrading from flowers to concentrates - uneducated individuals are scared to try something that has been "messed with" in order to create a new "drug" that looks absolutely nothing like what they're used to seeing.  Even with proper education and lessons, rookies dabbling in concentrates can become easily intimidated and resistant.

However, if this herbalist is open to trying new things, who's to say that you'd be the bad guy for trying to broaden their horizons?  Instead of getting a "big boy toy" like a rig, start off with something small like a vape pen.  A vape pen is basically a portable rig that fits in your pocket that is a great way to getting adjusted to the feeling of being medicated off of concentrates.  Not only is it cheaper, but they're extremely popular for on the go use so it's an almost guaranteed gift approval for an herbalist.

Do you have a veteran herbalist (or a few) on your list to buy for? Spend a little more money and customize some paraphernalia that they will frequently use.  Rolling trays are great for everyday use and depending on the size, can be used at home or while on the go.  There are plenty of options of customizable gifts like grinders, ash trays, carry cases, filter tips, glass bongs/rigs/pendants and more! Roll something up and let your creative juices flow while keeping the gift recipient in mind.

Play it safe with edibles, though!  When exposing someone to edibles, there is a very fine line that both you and the newbie don't want to cross. Almost everybody wants to feel that "high" feeling the first time they try edibles BUT beware of the 'slow-smack effect.'  Eating edibles does not give you the instantaneous high that smoking flowers does.  As the edible breaks down and digests in your body, you slowly begin to feel the effects of the THC you ingested.  At some points you may feel it more than others, which leads people to eat more - hoping they will feel it faster.

Be careful when gifting edibles no matter who you give them too.  Dosage is a very important aspect of consuming cannabis infused foods and if you do not have a proper understanding of how to build your tolerance, where to start and how to increase without overindulging. If your gift recipient doesn't have much experience with edibles, smaller doses of THC infused edibles are appropriate.  You can find candies, chocolates and other snacks with doses as low 5 mg so that you're able to eat a few without worrying about getting extremely high within the next few hours.  Or, if you're gifting to someone with a high edible tolerance, multiple average dosed edibles (50-100 mg) seems acceptable.  That way, the consumer can choose how often and how many times to take a bite.  Always bare in mind, there have been no reported overdoses due to cannabis - whether flowers, concentrates, edibles, etc.  What's the worst that can happen? You'll consume so much that you take a nap.

Have a friend or family member who's a medical patient and needs cannabis for health reasons?  Purchasing cannabis infused topicals like soaps, lotions and oils are always a great idea.  Topicals are usually made with CBD, the healing element of the cannabis plant.  Therefore, you won't have to worry about your recipient over-doing it and getting to high.  Gather a bunch of different kinds of topicals with varying soothing and pain relief effects and create a Christmas gift basket - who doesn't love multiple presents in one!?

Looking for stocking stuffers?  There are plenty of things that herbalists would love to find stuffed in their stockings on Christmas morning.  Small items like glass bowls, rolling papers, filter tips and hemp wick lighters (everyone needs a lighter!) are perfect, reasonably affordable things to grab.

If you have acquaintances that haven't quite reached the level of gift giving yet, you can still spread love and holiday cheer with annual Christmas cards. A classic holiday tradition, Christmas cards are a great way to let friends and family know that you're thinking of them during the holiday season even if you may not be able to see them this year. And even more perfect for herbalists, you can send a small gift like a pre-rolled joint or vape cartridge in a unique holiday themed Kush Kard.

What's the absolute worst thing that you could do?  Well, being that you are an herbalist yourself and the chances that you and your gift recipient will smoke together are highly probable (pun intended), the worst thing you could do is get them a gift that you know they won't use a lot or at all, and use it more for yourself.  Falsifying the act of exchanging gifts by giving something that you would enjoy is selfish and most likely unappreciated by whoever it was "intended for."  So, when picking out a gift for someone, do not think of yourself at all.

It's the holiday season!  Get out of the cold, cuddle up by the fire, sit around the Christmas tree with some trees (of the other sort), good company and gifts for all of your herbalist friends and family.

Happy Holidays!