Herbalists: Good vs. Bad

Marijuana has beed said to create many friendships.  Your habit of getting high may be somewhat of a secret when you first meet someone but once the cat's out of the bag, Mary Jane has the ability to create a bond between herbalists.  I've met many good friends smoking blunts or by recognizing high tendencies and "sparking" a conversation.

I've developed friendships with people while in a cyph of after discovering they smoke like me, and then came to realize we may not be as good friends as I might've thought.  There are some herbalists out there that are mainly concerned about marijuana -- as long as they get high, nothing else matters.  I met people who will hang out until all of the weed is gone, regardless if they threw down enough to compensate.  I know people who are always conveniently available to get lit up, but never can return the favor.  I've had bud stolen from me and then lied to about it.  It never feels good to have somebody play you over weed but circumstances like these exposed me to the various kinds of herbalists.

Not all herbalists are selfish.  I've met plenty of generous herbalists who don't mind sharing their ganja.  It's always cool when your dealer gives you more bud for your money, fronts you some weed or gives you a bag on the arm.  When your friends don't keep tabs on how much they spark you up, those are the kind of herbalists I'd rather smoke with.  Marijuana should never become an issue between friends.  It's only when people take advantage of the habit or seem to be more concerned about getting high rather than the morality of their friendships that weed strays friends.

Everyone smokes differently.  However, knowing my smoking habits, I try to steer clear of those who don't have similar herbalist morals as me.  It's nice to have friends who will hold you down with an L when you don't have the money to spend.  To not have to hide your weed because "sticky fingers" is comin around.  Smoking weed brings people together but it's also an expense.  Herbalists should respect your weed and not smoke more than they chipped in for unless its cool with whoever's in the cyph.  Everyone should know the different types of herbalists.  It's up to you how you deal with them.