Herbalists NOT Potheads

I don't know about you but when I hear the term "pothead," I take offense to it.  When people use that word, you commonly think of someone who's lazy, always high and only concerned about marijuana.  Society claims that people are "potheads" if they frequently smoke and usually if they aren't very motivated.  I've come to use the term "herbalist" over "pothead" because it's more original in a sense that it doesn't have a pre-existing stereotype.

Herbalists are more than just weed lovers.  They have a distinct passion for marijuana and all of it's components.  Herbalists are educated individuals with experiences and preferences for getting high.  Unlike a pothead, an herbalist is functions well when under the influence.  The stereotype of a pothead may lead you to imagine someone smoking and never leaving their couch.  While there are times when herbalists get high and relax, they can act responsibly and still be as motivated when sober. 

Marijuana is a relaxant, and herbalists know that.  They also know that different strains can cause different highs, whereas an uneducated pothead could act irrationally when under the influence and not understand why.  An herbalist may not always be able to predict the type of high they will have but rather than constantly using the because I was high excuse, they can explain their actions rather than blaming it on the weed.

Potheads are assumed to have no aspirations, dreams or goals.  People assume they are just worried about where they're getting more weed from.  I refuse to claim myself as a pothead and I will correct anyone who categorizes me as such.  Society has created this derogatory definition of what a pothead is, not to mention the fact that there are still people who believe that marijuana shouldn't be legalized.  As a member of the cannabis community, I urge you to challenge anyone who is against marijuana and who tries to categorize you into the "pothead" category which is usually looked down upon.  The cannabis community is filled with herbalists who can inspire change among those who don't have faith in marijuana as a beneficial health aid.  Our job, as herbalists, is to sway the opinions of those who look at us as unmotivated, uneducated people.

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