Herbalists Tolerance

Remember when you first started smoking?  You probably felt high after the first few hits, and were unbelievably smacked after the L was finished.  As time passed and you kept smoking, more and more each day, it started taking more hits to get high.  Most herbalists have probably experienced smoking a blunt and not getting high at all! As a newbie, your tolerance is low - it takes less to get high.  The more you smoke, the higher your tolerance gets. 

So what do you do when you think you've reached your peak?  You've smoked so much you just don't get high anymore!  You don't wanna quit smoking and you definitely should NOT go looking for drugs with a stronger high.  The smartest way to lower your tolerance is to SMOKE LESS! 

I know, the thought of it sucks.  You don't want to have to cut down on getting high.  Think of it like this, if you smoke less, you'll want to smoke mre.  Your craving will make you enjoy your high more.  

With each passing day that you don't smoke, your tolerance lowers.  I always find it fun to test myself and see how long I can go without smoking.  Since you're probably known to always be high, sometimes it's fun to shock yourself and others that you're actually not high! 

And when you finally smoke again, it'll be fun to experience that "first time" smoking feeling again.  You might also feel yourself wanting to challenge yourself, and maybe your friends, more often. 

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