High In School

I know how you feel; you hate getting up early, getting on the bus or somehow making your way to school to sit in classes for hours.  You think, I need to smoke before I go to school, because you won't make it through the day without smoking.  It's boring, pointless, a waste of time, you think to yourself but please DO NOT SMOKE AND GO TO SCHOOL.

Every herbalist does it (shit, I have) and for a while, you do start to feel like you need to be high to deal with the teachers and students and faculty in school.  But you know you're not supposed to be high in class, and you know your teachers would think less of you if they smelt it or knew you were high.  You know that if someone finds out that you're high on school grounds that they're going to want to know where you got the weed from, where the rest of it is and force you to get rid of it if they find any.  So why be paranoid?  The purpose of going to school is to get an education.  How likely are you to do that when you're high in class?

Not to say that you can't learn anything when you're high.  But when you're high and bored (& you usually find yourself bored at some point in school), don't you get tired?  And when you're tired, are you really paying attention?  NO!  You're most likely looking at the clock or finding something else to do on the low so that your teacher doesn't realize you're not paying attention or doing what you're supposed to.  And who wants to be high and bored!?  That blows my high!

So I've come to the conclusion, after personally going to school high, that it's not a good idea to do so.  I'd rather get high and enjoy myself than have to suffer and be dying to smoke again.  Not only that, but I hated always thinking are my eyes red, does he/she know I'm high, do I smell like bud?  Plus, being high in class gives people who are against marijuana another reason to look down upon people who smoke weed.  I also like the feeling when people are shocked to find out that I smoke.  Show the world your beauty, brains and intellect and then shock them with the fact that you get higher than a mo'fuckaa!

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