High On Other Drugs

I've always had a curiosity about marijuana.  When I was first introduced to it, I didn't want to hit the blunt because as a kid, you're always told smoking is bad.  But as weed started to be around me more frequently, I eventually tried and fell in love with Mary Jane. After indulging in getting high, I told myself that's it for me - I will never try another drug again!  What's the point? I like the high that weed gives me, I thought, and I'm not gonna be a statistic proving the weed is a gateway drug. 

Being in college, you see people do all different kinds of drugs and even sometimes offer you some.  I'll never forget the first time I had ever seen someone sniff drugs - and it wasn't cocaine!  One of those college kids that are known to be "druggies" came to a dorm room where me and a few friends were chilling. We noticed him come in but tried to pay him no mind because he wasn't a friend of ours. But I saw him go over to my friend, the one who's room we were chilling in, and ask him, can I sniff this in here real quick? 

So I had to watch!  I never understood how people sniffed things - I don't like sniffling when I have a stuffy nose!  He sat at the desk, took out a white pill (I later found out it was a xanex) and crushed it underneath his credit card.  People do this shit, I questioned myself.  This don't make any sense to me.  Then, he took out a $100 (yeah, he was ballin for a college kid) and rolled it up.  He divided the crushed up pill in 2 lines, put the rolled up Benji to his nose and sniffed the two lines. 

I had never seen anyone do that before and I definitely wasn't tempted after seeing it. He casually dapped up my friend and left.  He literally just came in here to sniff some shit and leave?  Who does that!?!

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