High Tendencies

We all know that there are certain things that our friends or even ourselves do when high.  Let's point out some of the most common high tendencies that herbalists have a habit of doing.


Talking too much -  What's worse than smoking with a person who fucks up your high because they won't shut up!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having a good conversation over a blunt.  But what I can't stand is when people make it a habit to complain, nag and brag when I'm trying to get high and chill out.


Super Soaker  -  You know those people who lick their lips before hitting the blunt and leave their saliva on it?  Yeah, super soakers.  Whenever you get the blunt back from them, it seems like they were kissing it.  Gross.


The Conspiricist  -  Their deepest thoughts happen when their high, so why not talk about it?  Whenever a conspiricist meets new herbalists - or even if they didn't finish their theory from the last cyph - they want to pick the brains of the people they're smoking with.  Sometimes it's cool to hear other points of view.. but sometimes it's too deep to talk and think about when you're high.


Sleep On The L  -  When you pass the blunt to someone and they start talking, get too high or just forget they're smoking - they're sleeping on the L.  Pass that shit!


Frontin  -  "Na, I ain't even that high.."  Why you frontin!?  Whenever you smoke with a fronter, they act like they never get high enough, therefore they wanna keep smoking.


Giggler  -  Everything is hilarious to gigglers.  Whenever they get high, they can't stop laughing and it's kinda contagious.  Never a dull high with gigglers!


Lighter Thief  -  Make sure if you pass him/her lighter you get it back right away!  Lighters are the easiest thing to pocket; it's a natural reaction to light your blunt and put the lighter in your pocket and forget about it.  Anyone can be a lighter thief!

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