Hot Boxing Whips

Sometimes, the only place to smoke is in your car.  If you can't smoke inside and the weather is too bad to stand outside, the car is the perfect vicinity to get baked.

Be careful though!  Since it is illegal to drive under the influence, if you're caught smoking behind the wheel of your car with the keys in the ignition, you can get a DUI regardless if you were driving or not.  Don't get me wrong, I love sitting in my car bumpin' my favorite songs out of my two 12" speakers and smoking a fat blunt.  Make sure if you decide to hotbox your whip, you park in a place where smoking won't interfere with the public.  No smoking near schools, parks, office buildings or shopping centers.

Also, stay away from empty parking lots and other peoples property.  Neighborhoods are very observant when it comes to strange cars parked on their block and will be quick to call the cops if they suspect drug use.  Empty parking lots are target zones.  If you're the only car in a parking lot, a patrolling police officer or security guard will definitely find it suspicious and investigate.

The best place to hotbox is in front of or around your house.  If you're on your own property, it's hard for other people to complain unless your weed smoke disturbs them.  Don't smoke with the windows down to avoid the smoke traveling.  Besides, hot boxing means you keep all of the smoke in a contained area. 

Always remember to stay safe when hot boxing.  You should not drive after hot boxing your whip, especially if driving while high isn't something you normally do.  The smoke intake when hot boxing is way more intense than compared to smoking in a spacious area which in turn will increase your high.

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