I Don't Want No Stems!

Why do dealers think it's Ok to give stems with the weed!?  I can't stand when I re-up with a fresh batch of high grade and I see my nugs attached to some fat ass stems!  It's an old trick in the book for dealers to leave the stems on the weed.  Stems add extra weight to the bud (obviously) so in the end, your dealer will sell you less weed but you still pay the same price.

Don't be afraid to talk to your dealer and tell them you're not satisfied with your purchase.  After all, it is your money!  If you're not getting what you're paying for, don't be so desperate to smoke that you get gipped.  If someone takes offense to the fact that you pointed out every stem you were given, that's their problem.  You don't smoke stems, so why would you pay for them!?

There's been a few times where I've been told that the stem didn't add to the weight, or  should take what I can get, or they said, "I got you next time."  Depending on the dealer, I might let it rock.  Sometimes you happen to cop when your dealer is at the bottom of the batch and you can't be too picky about the buds.  Most times, especially if there are options, I won't pay money for a bag with big stems.  Herbalists like myself care more about the quality of the bud and I know that a stem isn't increasing my high.  Therefore, the sight of a fat stem pisses me off.  I'm not paying for that shit!

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