I'll Never Smoke Again

I got so high that time, I promised I'd never smoke again.  My head felt like it was filling up to the size of a hot air balloon.. and then deflating again.  My body laid still on my bed but it seemed like I was on roller coaster.  I could hear my heartbeat so clearly.  Can I always hear my heartbeat like this?  I thought to myself.

It was my first experience with train wreck and we smoke four blunts, back to back.  I was so fuckin' high to the point where I didn't want the L that was passed to me, but I didn't cop out.  When the cyph was finally finished, I felt the ultimate relief and headed back to my dorm room.  

I could feel the high moving from my head to my tires.  I tried calming myself down thinking, this won't last long. You'll come down soon...

But…    ugh this is not normal.  I thought.

Why do I feel like this?  I asked.

Maybe I should just sleep it off…    NO! …   What if I don't wake up!

If I make it through this, I promise I'll never smoke again!

We all say things in desperate times.  Of course I haven't stopped smoking.  I've had too many amazing highs to quit blazing but I'm no stranger to a high that'll make you feel like you don't wanna smoke again.