Instagram Deleting Cannabis Community Feeds

We're sure you've heard of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of feeds that have been deleted over the past few months.  The cannabis community especially has strongly voiced their frustration by shouting out other members when they try to regain their followers, shaming Instagram for deleting feeds like @tony.greenhand and @siraynot without explanation and for ultimately no reason.  The Higher Content has now been victim to Instagram's senseless deleting two times, with the second time having our account disabled for longer than the first.

Social media has many uses.  Ours, however, is for business, spreading knowledge and news.  While there are many weed feeds out there that show off nugs and sometimes even sell cannabis illegally, there are many feeds that use social media, Instagram especially, for business purposes. You will see that many companies find it beneficial to be able to share new products and services on Instagram, where majority of cell phones have an account and can communicate with their favorite brands.  We've found that our followers enjoy seeing pictures of top shelf bugs, concentrates and edibles while also getting a dose of cannabis news, interviews and product reviews.  

Instagram never ceases to interfere with respectable business operations.  While their terms and services claim that they can delete accounts at any time with no explanation, that does not ease the minds of business owners who rely on the social media application to generate business and sales.  Social media has been an excellent place to advertise and conduct business yet, it has not been a reliable source.  No matter what, companies face the threat of having their followers taken from them at any moment, being forced to start from the bottom and rebuild.

There is a way to report a disabled Instagram page however, filling out the form generates no response from any Instagram employee.  There is no way to directly contact Instagram so, you are forced to continuously fill out a report form or just start a new feed.  For those who have thousands of followers (like us), this is a frustrating process.  Business owners do not have the time to rebuild their following because they are occupied brainstorming ways to expand their brands.

There has to be a better way.  Either these social media applications need to respect business accounts more or entrepreneurs will find another free way to advertise.  The cannabis community faces a bigger threat being that marijuana has not been nationally legalized.  However, ganjapreneurs like @lunggz2, @stay_green and @miss_greenthumb2.0 deserve the same outlets to advertise as other respected business owners.  Instagram especially should respect the massive cannabis community and our feeds more than they do.


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