Is Recreational Marijuana Bad For Public Health?

Many states have advocated that legalizing recreational marijuana will be a benefit to individual states economically.  Supporters of cannabis claim that the legal availability of cannabis will deter people from using other drugs, becoming opioid abusers and death by overdose.

The National Bureau of Economic Research released a study in 2015 stating that states with medical marijuana dispensaries do see a significant decrease in both opioid addictions and opioid overdose deaths as compared to states that do not.  However, opposers to cannabis argue that recreational marijuana will not have the same positive aftermath.

Those against cannabis are arguing that similarly to tobacco, the second hand smoke from marijuana can be harmful to non-users. They also feel that legalizing recreational marijuana will make cannabis infused edibles more accessible to children and pets because it will be available to non-medical users.  It is also to be expected that advertisements for cannabis infused edibles to become as frequent as the average cereal commercial.  These are all factors that opposers feel will make marijuana use more desirable for the youth, which they do not agree with.

A study released by the National Institute On Drug Abuse also claims that marijuana can impair the learning of adolescents, decrease academic performance and create employment issues.  The potency of the cannabis can also affect the severity of problems.  A recent article by STAT claimed that Colorado is the number one state for teen marijuana use, however, that is proven to not be true by the National Institute On Drug Abuse.

A couple of questions on the matter: do you think that cannabis should be allowed to be smoked within the same regulations as cigarettes?  It has been a known fact that second hand smoke from tobacco can seriously affect the health of those who do not smoke.  We find it to be absurd that Big Tobacco is known killer, yet still legal.  Cannabis has not be documented to be the cause of death in any circumstance, but is still being considered to be a public nuisance and health factor.

Do you agree that legalizing recreational cannabis will be a hazard to children and pets?  If doctors prescribe opioids with child proof seals, why can't cannabis be distributed the same way through a legal distributor?

Do you think recreational marijuana is bad for public health?