Learning To Roll

I've been an herbalist since I was 16 years old.  Smoking really became a habit for me in high school but I never had the desire to learn how to roll.  I thought that licking a dutch was the most disgusting thing ever.  I didn't wanna lick that brown shit!  It was until I found myself wanting to smoke when I was by myself that I decided I need to learn how to roll.  I hated the fact that if I was by myself, I couldn't get high because I didn't know how to roll up. 

Freshman year in college, I finally sat next to someone and studied while they were twisting one up.  Once they realized I was watchin their every motion, they decided to teach me.  I first learned how to mummy wrap a blunt - taking the putter leaf off first, rolling the inner and then wrapping the putter leaf around it.  When I got the hang of it, I wondered why I didn't learn to roll sooner.  I started seeing people roll up in the air - cracking the dutch down the middle, tucking and rolling without a surface.  I sucked at it for a long time!  

Over time, I became a master of my craft.  To the point that I didn't want to let anyone else roll because I loved to show off that my blunts looked as perfect as a cigarette. When people talked shit about my rolling, we definitely got into an arguement.  No one could tell me nothing about my rolling!  I could take a fucked up dutch and perform surgery, make that shit look like it was never ripped or cracked. 

Rolling up is an herbalist right of passage.  I never lit a blunt before learning how to roll. (Smokers rules say if you roll it, you light it.)  Amateur rollers will most likely roll some limp, loose ugly looking blunts but practice makes perfect!  

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