Lighter Passing Etiquette

How do you pass a lighter?  A toss, hand to hand?  Do you pass it bottom first or metal side first?  A lighter is a small hand held thing that is commonly thrown around and dropped by herbalists.  Is there really a proper way to pass a lighter?

Sometimes, you may feel like someone passed you a lighter in a rude way.  If they threw it to you too hard or too far.  Or if someone is too lazy to get up and threw it too lightly and now you have to get up to get it.  Throwing a lighter is a common way for herbalists to avoid moving to pass it someone who's not so close to them.  If you're a bad thrower, or even a bad catcher - you may consider it rude when someone throws a lighter to you.

When passing a recently lit lighter, the metal part of it can stay hot for a while after.  If you pass a lighter right after you lit it, the person it's being passed to may consider it rude if you pass the metal side to their open hand.  After a lighter is recently lit, it should be passed right side up or bottom side to the person's hand.  You don't want your friend complaining that the lighter burned them.

There's nothing wrong with placing a light down right in front of someone so they can pick it up for themselves.  If you're self conscious about the way that you throw or pass, let the person pick it up for themselves.  

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