Lipstick On My Blunt

Ladies, how many times have you wanted to smoke right after you put on a fresh coat of lipgloss?  Now, you have to worry about the next person who hits it complaining about how theirs glitter on the blunt, or the blunt is shiny or sticky.  What about the times when you're rolling or smoking a joint after you put on some lipstick.  The paper ends up being the color of your newly painted lips.

I, personally, am always self concious smoking with people if I put on lipgloss or lipstick that day. I'm more frequently around my hubby and his guy friends when I smoke.  It gets frustrating having to decide between getting dolled up or smoking, and even more annoying when guys keep complaining about your lipgloss on the blunt.  So now, it's become a habit of mine to always wipe the pull hole of the blunt or joint before I pass it.  Whether I lipstick on or not, I like to make sure that not even a little bit of my saliva is on the blunt so no one can complain about the way I hit it.  Also, I keep in mind the fact that if I didn't intentionally put on glittery or shiny lipgloss, that I wouldn't want to walk away from the cyph with a different style of makeup on.

Men especially hate smoking with females with lipgloss or lipstick on.  They definitely don't want to end up with shiny or glittery lips!  A man might even go as far as not letting you hit his blunt or deciding not to smoke with you and that's never a good feeling.  If I can avoid it, I will try not to have anything on my lips when I smoke with other people who might mind it.  If my makeup is already done, it's kind of hard to smoke without leaving a mark.  After taking your hits, clean off the mouth piece before passing it.

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